Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Is under Grace?

Yahuah (aka Yahovah) chose Israel. Israel did not choose Yahuah. He chose them because He loved them. He chose them out of His mercies and grace...not because they had done something to deserve it...nothing we do will ever make us deserve Him.
Yahuah's instructions (aka Torah or first 5 books given to Moses) Were given to the people who He had chosen because of His mercies and grace.
All men are already judged, fallen, and lost because of sin. The instructions (Torah) were given to the people saved by grace as THE WAY of grace. This leads us to the first commandment which is supposed to be our obvious first response because of His grace, and that commandment is "...have no other Gods before Yahuah."
Is this still a proper response to His grace? Is this still THE WAY, the truth and the life? Does this commandment STILL apply to you and me?  I'd have to say it does and if even one part of His word is true forever, isn't all of it...the WORD says it is to a thousand generations, that's at the very least 40,000 years!!!
We may honor Abba's instructions because He is our Heavenly Father and we are commanded to honor our Father but out of that honor, we learn to love Him and if we love Him  we keep His commandments... because by His grace He has chosen us as His children to give them to!  HalleluYAH!!!!!  Thank you Father for your saving grace!  Amien.

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