Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paintball for Caleb's Birthday: Happy Birthday Caleb:)

These guys look like a motley crew now don't they?  From left to right we have Tanner, Craig, Jordan, Corey, and Caleb the birthday boy who requested everyone suit up and take to shootin'!!  He wanted to play paintball for his birthday.  I was hoping that there wouldn't be any tears before the "fun" was over and there wasn't a tear in the place, HOWEVER, the event wasn't without pain.  Corey took 1 direct shot to his head (maybe he should'a wore a hat) two hits to his jaw, one to the ankle and a few stinging body blows not to mention a gluteous maxi mus shot that he said stung quite a bit.  Craig took two shots to the chest that he fussed about for a day.  Jordan also had a glute shot that stung him pretty good and a few direct body shots.  When we got home, Caleb showed us all of the welts on his little body where he got hit, one on his side, his back, his elbow.  I think he was surprised at how much it stung to play but it didn't deter him from wanting to play again!  Then there was Tanner.  Tanner basically had no injuries to report.  He came out pretty clean.  We tried to make sure everyone was dressed in such a way that when they got hit by the paint balls it wouldn't hurt too still hurt but I think everyone had fun.  Maybe it's a better fall sport, then you can dress more heavily for the weather and to take the sting out  a little better.

I took some shots (pictures) as they came off the field after being hit.  It's a little hard to see but there's an orange smudge on Corey's head and it's bleeding a little.  Maybe a nice hat next time??

Tough to see Jordan way in the back but Jordan and Craig both have their hands in the air...surrendering.  They've been hit!  B watches on from behind the safety of the net.

Gotta reload!

Of coarse there's the important part of the party...cupcakes...well, really it's about frosting.

There's Papa, and Allison (who by the way is graduating high school on Sunday (Yay!!),  Aunt Laurie, and Grandma Diane (sorry about that, I didn't get a face shot!)  holding baby Gracie.  I didn't get a picture of Uncle Doug or Megan who were both also there.  You know I slack now and then.  Sorry guys!!!

It turned out to be a really nice day.  The weather was perfect, just a little cool so the clothes they had to wear weren't too hot and it was a lovely sunny day.  Caleb said he had a lot of fun.

Thanks for taking fire for Caleb's birthday guys!!  Maybe we'll do it again this fall...maybe.

We love you Caleb.  You're a great young man and a true blessing to us all.  
 Happy Birthday!!
Oh, and you know what?  I love you more!


Mommy Set Free said...

I don't know about you, but as they get older, Birthdays are kind of bitter sweet aren't they?? Of course we want them to grow! Of course we want them to progress...but do you ever wish you could freeze time???? That's pretty selfish of me, I know...but sometimes I wish I could. :-)

Ahh memories....Can you believe that I used to LOVE paintball? (I was a very athletic tom boy who always used to do things with "the guys".) A baggy sweatshirt would help take the shock out of the hits but YES they still hurt and left marks. Man, Yah sure has changed me!! :-)

Moira said...

Hey there Traci~
I hope Caleb had a great day, it looked like it was allot of fun!! Thanks for sharing!!!

I remember my oldest son and my hubby coming home with big paintball welts about ten years ago. WOW time flies!!

Mommy Set Free~
I like the big sweatshirt idea!!


Rambling Heather said...

How fun! We are a big paint ball loving family. :)

Traci said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by:)and I loved your comment to me on your post, "Hospitality Haters"...fake it til you make it, haha, made me laugh. Good advice.

Moira said...

Hey Traci!
I just thought I would drop you a little note to say I was thinking about you and praying for you! I pray all is well with you!
Miss your posts, have you been busy?

Traci said...

Moira, you are the best:) Thank you so much for praying for me!! I am doing fine. Kinda going through some changes and trying to let my life reflect them accordingly. Long story but I love you so much for checking in on me. Ive been spring cleaning and getting Tanner set up for some fall classes at our community college for his jr. year in highschool.

I love ya, you're truly the best!!

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