Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Few Silly Things That I Love...and a few not so silly.

This list is in random order:)

Morning.  I love the sunrise, the pink sky and the warmth of the sun as It climbs in the sky.

I love the bright sun light glittering off the ripples on the pond in the morning hours.  It sparkles and dances.  It’s beautiful.

I love the birds singing outside my window and listening to the crickets and frogs chirping.  I love how it sounds so woodsy and natural.

I love the smell of freshly opened and freshly brewed coffee, yumm.  Hot coffee with real cream, coconut oil (yes coconut oil:) just about a teaspoon please) and a little raw, sweet, yummy honey.

I love the glow of candles when the lights are dim.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the engulfing smell of hyacinths and roses.

I love tiny story book looking houses with pointy roofs and window boxes for flowers and little white picket fences.  I want one of my very own someday!

I love the coolness found under an expansive shade tree on a warm day.

I love screened in porches and gazebos with flickering little lights or lanterns glowing in the twilight inviting you to come in and sit all cozy.

I love the birds that come to my feeders that are all bright and colorful.  So amazing, these creatures and Abba knows the way each one goes...a sparrow does not fall to the ground without Abba being aware of it!

I love the humming birds that show up in the summer.  Their colors are so bright and their wings move so fast that they buzz as they fly by.

I love spring.  I love the cool warmth of spring and the greening-up of the landscape.  I love the feeling of life that comes with spring, almost a kind of freshness and newness.  It seems to bring with it a feeling of hope for what the rest of the season might bring with it.

I love gardens.  Gardens of every type I think.  I love vegetables or flower gardens.  I especially love the beautiful gardens lovingly designed by people who just do it for the sheer joy of watching it.  Gardens filled with little fences, flowers, and a few chickens running around.  (Oh, and I love chickens!)  Cute little garden sheds with climbing roses creeping up their sides and meandering paths.  I love them all.

I love the way B wears her “sprinkle shoes” on the wrong feet.

I love to kiss a chubby little baby face.  Especially one that’s all smiley with bright eyes and a know who you are GraceJ

I love it when all my kids are in the same room.  I love it when we just get together to chat or play a game or read a book or eat good food (big smile).  I just dearly love to be with my boys and my daughter in law and my girls, anytime at all!  I love my family.  You are all precious gifts in the life that Abba has given me.  I watch with thanksgiving as I see the hand of Abba working in your lives.

I love my family who has gone before me and made choices in my best interest no matter how painful and hurtful they were at the time.  Those choices were all orchestrated by Abba's hand.  Thank you Abba for the gift of those precious lives you sent to care, love and watch over me.  Words fail me to express the wonder of your hand in my life.

I love my husband who loves me through the absolute thick of it...and I do mean thick!  Often, we have learned important lessons of life the hard way and on the long road but My husband has a steadfast heart to stay the coarse which I often don't understand.  Another evidence of Abba's unfailing mercy toward me.  He is a blessing.

I love my extended family (those who we fellowship with).  Those who may not live nearby but still never fail to make that call.  I love that they stand beside us and love us.  I love that they dream with us and ponder with us.  I love that they wait with us and that they are just there for us.

I love those AMAZING revelation moments when you’re reading scripture and  Abba opens up wonderful nuggets of truth that further confirm His amazing plan of restoring His house or when He confirms that He hears my prayers...little me.  Who am I that He would be mindful of me?  Oh, but He is mindful, even of me.

I love to sit on the deck in the shade when the sun is high and I love to sit on the deck under the gazebo canopy at the end of the day with the twinkly lights on and watch the twilight come.  This may be my very most favorite few minutes of the day. I love the purple and deep blue colors that set in as evening comes.  I love the sky as it changes from blue to orange, pink and purple.

I love the sunset.

I love fall.  I love the smell of leaves burning and the trees changing to all the beautiful reds and oranges of fall.  I love the crispness of the morning air and the smell of dampness that often accompanies it.  I love getting out my sweaters and warm jackets.  I love how the sun hangs low in the sky.  I love the first fires in the wood stove.  I love the cozy feeling of being inside and warm when I know it’s chilly and wet outside.

I love the fresh produce of summer.  Hahaha!  I love vegetable stands with all manner of fresh veggies and fruits!  I love the colors and the smell.  I love to buy it all and take it home...I don’t always love to cook it BUT I love to eat it!  I especially love it when it’s sweet corn time and the sweet corn venders are open selling bushels of that golden, delicious, sweet corn on the cob!  What an incredible food, served hot with lots of REAL!  The thought of it is just joyful!

What amazing gifts Abba does bestow on us in His creation, the gifts of light, color, and smell.  The gift of new life and seasons.  The gifts of family and love.

I like the quote:  I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life...He gave me life so that I might enjoy all things.

Amazing isn’t it?

Ecc 5:18  Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which Elohim giveth him: for it is his portion. 

Blessings, Traci


Moira said...

Boker tov Traci~
We have allot of the same LIKES!! It really doesn't surprise me!!

I love that I am not the only health food enthusiast that drinks coffee, LOL!! I will have to try the coconut oil, that sounds YUMMY!!! (I have read that it has allot of antioxidants, but it really depends who you talk to whether or not it is good for you, everyone has an opinion,LOL!)

I just thought I would let you know that ANYTIME you would like to come visit me, you are more than welcome!(Oh, and your family too, of course!)

I soooo look forward to the fulfillment of Scriptures, and I soooo look forward to meeting all of my wonderful blog friends in person, when HE gathers us all together with HIS mighty hand!
Have an amazing day!!!

Traci said...

Moira, you made tears come to my eyes:) The thought of the fulfillment of scripture and the gathering of Abba's people will be such an incredible day!!! And your sweet words... If I am ever headed in your direction I would LOVE meet you and your family for a visit:)Ever been to IA or passing near by? I've never been down your way before. We're headed to Arkansas later this summer for a couple of days though (whew! Hot and humid down there!) Ever think about goin' there? haha:)

Oh, and the coconut oil...I do think it has wonderful health benefits. It is a healthy fat and our bodies do require fats to live. It melts at a very low temp. (like 76*) so it remain liquified. I read the book "Eat Fat, lose Fat" by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon...I pretty much agree with most of what they say..not the unclean eating stuff of coarse (they don't understand that part of health) but Jordan Rubin writer of "The Maker's Diet" uses a lot of Fallon's recipes in his book also, he just leaves out the non-kosher stuff.

Blessings lovely friend, have a wonderful day!!!

Peterson Party said...

Great post! I have many of the same loves too! My girls would especially agree with you about the love of sweet corn on the cob. We had it with our dinner last night and they could not get enough!

Moira said...

Hey there Traci~
I have never been to IA, but I was close last year, my dad passed away last June and I went to South Dakota for his funeral. I love it up there(in the spring and fall). Yes, Texas is someplace I said I never wanted to live, funny how we say never and then YHVH changes our minds! We came here because there was work(there wasn't any in California or Oregon anymore) and we have PRAYED to leave, but those are our plans, not HIS plan, sooo here we are, until HE gives us further notice!!!

Yes, the coconut oil I believe is very good for you, I have read and agree with Jordon Reuben, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig too(on everything clean). I was talking about "coffee", I have friends who say I am doing my body no good by eating healthy if I still drink coffee,LOL!! I did quit last summer by accident~My husband bought decaf and didn't know~ I had a week long head ache,OUCH, and I swore I never wanted to do that again, so I went all summer without drinking it and felt GREAT, I slept better than I ever remember sleeping, weird!! Anyway, I started again at SUKKOT, because the air was cool and crisp and it just sounded good, NOW I could KICK myself!!!! BUT I really do love it(I guess I have a love hate relationship with it). FUNNY!!

WOW~ this is a really long comment;)
Now I feel like silly for rambling on and on!!!
Arkansas is not that far from us, we should pray about it and see what YAH will do!!!

Traci said...

Thank you Peterson Party! I'm in total agreement with your girls about the corn on the cob is delish...messy but delish!

Moira, you make me laugh (about the long comment thing;) I never think you ramble!

I know exactly what you're talking about when you said, "we have prayed to leave" we have too and we're still here. I just have to trust that Abba's plans are perfect and on time...some days it seems kinda hard but He is showing His faithfulness to me even in waiting and I am so grateful for that right now. Funny how we end up where we do but I am praying that I don't get in the way of Abba's plans, so I totally relate with you.

Also, I have also quit the java too, not sure why or when I started again but I do know what you mean about having a cup of coffee on a chilly morning at Sukkot...haha, it's just awesome!

And yes, we'll pray and see:)

Blessings to you ladies:)


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