Sunday, December 27, 2009

What does scripture say about love and Torah?

How does love fulfill the commandments? Does it mean that nondescript love takes the place of the commandments? OR, does it mean that THE COMMANDMENTS ARE LOVE???

Rom. 13:10 Love works no ill to his neighbor (does no wrong, no Torahless actions against his neighbor): Therefore, LOVE IS THE FULFILLING OF TORAH. (If you are loving your neighbor you are not doing Torahless actions or works against do I know this? Read the verse that is before this one.)
Rom. 13:9 For this (because of love to your neighbor) you shall not commit adultery, shall not kill, shall not steal, shall not bear false witness, shall not covet AND IF THERE BE OTHER COMMANDS (and we know there are) they are comprehended (or understood without speaking them again) in this (commandment), love your neighbor as yourself.

Look at the example of how Messiah showed his love to us.
Eph. 5:2 Walk in love as Messiah has loved us as He gave himself as an offering and sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling savour.(Sacrifice and offering are works of Torah. Messiah's works of Torah are love to His brothers...right? Messiah shows us that walking in love is doing deeds of Torah. TORAH IS LOVE THAT PRODUCES FRUIT of eternal life.)

Phil. 2:8 Being found in fashion as a man (Messiah sent to earth in the form of man) Messiah did humble himself (as a man) and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross. (Messiah shows the example of what obedience is. Obedience was to do the works of Torah in His body. Complete obedience to the point of death. Remember the scripture says that obedience is better then sacrifice! Adam is our first example of disobedience to Yahuah's word and we see what comes from that...the penalty of death. Messiah shows what comes from doing Yahuah's! Yahuah has given us His word because it is life to us. Messiah demonstrates to us that doing Yah's word is the ULTIMATE LOVE...No greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his brother...the works of Torah are love!

1John 2:5 Whoever keeps His word, (Torah which is Messiah before He came as a man) in him is the love of Yahuah perfected. This is how we know that we are in Him (in Yahuah). Is this message a "new testament" message that did not exist prior to Messiah being sent as a man or was this always what Torah taught us? 

 Lets look at what else the scripture has to say.

1John 3:11 This is the message FROM THE BEGINNING, that you love one another.

Now you ask about faith because we know it is true that faith is the buzz word for those who believe there is a separation between new and old testaments. Let's look at this.

Gal. 5:6 In Messiah Yahushua, neither circumcision avails anything nor uncircumcision, but faith which (does) works by love. (see James ch. without works is dead. AND James 2:24 you see that by works a man is justified and not by faith only. What kind of works? Arbitrary works, undefined works? Did Messiah just do willy nilly stuff? NO! He did the will of His Heavenly Father...He did the works of fulfills the Torah. If you honor your heavenly Father, you will seek to do His will. Not the sacrifice stuff, that is what Messiah did once for all. Messiah did the parts of Torah that you and I couldn't do. He was sinless so His blood could cover sin. The "new testament" says that Messiah came because of our sin which needed covering from before the face of a righteous Father. But we can still do the good works of Torah also as we keep the commandments as our Father gave them.

In the example above you see that without faith in Yahuah and Messiah, doing works of Torah or not doing works of Torah are fruitless. But, if you add faith to the works this produces the fruit of eternal life. The fruit of the word of God is eternal!

Eph. 3:17 (the hope) that Messiah (the spirit of the word/Torah) may dwell in your hearts by faith (because you believe that Yah's word is true) that you who are rooted in LOVE (remember what is the example of love?) may understand the depth with all the saints, and to understand (what is) the love of Messiah.

That is the desire of our Heavenly Father, that we may understand the meaning of His love toward us and how he desires us to honor Him as a Father which is the first commandment with promise,by love for him and faith that He is true, that our days might be long in the land!

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