Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lot of catch'n up to do!

Well, I haven't blogged for sometime. Need to get into the swing but soooo many things to do lately. We had Thanksgiving at our house which went well. We had Craig's parents and his sister and her family and Corey, Megan and Bee over. Seemed to go as smooth as it could. Then some friends came over to visit and we had Jordan (Tanner and Caleb's cousin) and Jason (their friend) and Miss Bee spend the night. Corey and Megan went on a "black Friday" midnight shopping trip and were out late. It was B's first all-nighter at Gra-ma's!! She was very good. She loved all the boys being here, she thought she was just one of the gang and just wanted to hang out and play.

Oh, Craig and Corey are both laid off from work right now. Corey is hoping to go back to his job in January. Craig isn't sure yet when he's going to get called back, BUT, he sure has gotten a lot of stuff done here. He built a wall in the living room area to enclose all that glass and keep the place warmer in the winter. It looks really nice. He got right to it and did it pretty much all by himself. Next, he plans to work on the garage...oh my, that's gonna be a LOT more challenging! The boys and I are just plugging away at school. Tanner has been gobbling up books on computer programing and has begun to design ( when I say design, I mean write code to create) a web page. He has started his own blog and is now getting ready to study some graphic design so he can add his own graphics to the games he's creating on his computer. He's a smart fellow! Caleb and I are pulling up the rear and just holding down the fort while everyone else gets the big stuff done!

I finally have most of Grandma's stuff taken care of, just a couple of loose ends to close up. It's taken almost an entire year to close things up...our legal system is a joke and is certainly designed with attorneys and state in mind. I still miss her sooo much. I thank the LORD for her nearly every day, what a blessing she was to me and my boys. Thank you Father for my family that is here with me now. What a blessing they are to me, all the boys and the two girls. Please Keep us close Father!
Well, gotta get some up-to-date pics to add to blog...sometime soon!
Blessings all,

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