Friday, December 11, 2009

Chanukka...The celebration of Dedication

Shabbat Shalom!!! It is finally Sabbath...look forward to it every week and this evening is the first day of Chanukka also. I just read a really great article about Chanukka that talks about how it came about and the prophecy that is in Chanukka for us today. Chanukka means "dedication" and the article gives a brief summary of the story of the dedication of the temple. I would suggest that you also look for a more detailed article on the Macabee's and the Feast of Dedication as it is a historical story that all believers need to know. Chanukka is not a Feast that Yah commands us to keep as it, in and of itself, does not point to Yahushua's works but it is a feast that Yahushua kept while on earth and you can read about Yahushua observing Chanukka briefly in the book of John in the 10th chapter. But here is the article from the website of Daniel Randleman at "Emet Ministries". It is a worthwhile read as it points out prophecy that is relevant to us in this day and should be understood by all believers as we are to be wise and know what our adversary desires to do against the children of the Most High!

Please click on this site to read a very important article that you need to read and understand if you are a believer in these days:
If for some reason this article does not come up when you click on this link (since it is a link for "new" articles)...the name of the article is "Dreidel Discoveries". The articles are kept in alphebetical order on the site...please look it up.

Be Blessed

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Nice Chanukka pic.
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